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E.M. Carter is the author of the Newland Trilogy.

Repression Ground

An indoctrinated girl. An unquestioned ideology. An explosive secret. But all she wants is a name.

Girl C has been waiting all her life. Waiting to stop being the odd one out. Waiting to go to Ashton Training House. Waiting for her Productivity Ceremony where, at last, she will be assigned a name of her own.

Living in a post-plague world, she’s certain of one thing: the Party only wants good for all its citizens. But when her only two friends – one hated, one illegal – challenge the narrative, the questions won’t stop. Who is she? Why is she defective? Why is she forbidden to visit her parents? And what really happens to the losers on the sinister state game show? Everything turned upside down, she is plunged into an uncertain world full of secrets and shadows and must find a way out. Can she escape her brainwashing, discover her identity and survive her harsh new world?

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Rebellion Ground

Wanted for treason. Pursued by the Party. But their secret cannot stay hidden.

Stranded on the Outside, Carys, Jacob and Amy remain under an arrest and execution order. Lost amidst the ruins of an ancient city from the Before, they know they must hurry to escape their pursuers and tell the nation a secret that has been buried too long, but where will they run to and who will listen?

Resistance movements are growing in Outsiders camps, but they have no way of communicating with one another and no way of challenging the system. The Commander’s power is stronger than ever, and when the three fugitives end up in the Centre Compound they find themselves political pawns, asked to deny all they believe in. Will they become part of the regime, or will they find the strength to rebel?

A rollercoaster ride of danger lies ahead, and only they can decide between truth and comfort.

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