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E.M. Carter (Liz) is an award-winning author, poet and editor who loves writing in all genres as she can’t get enough of words. She is the author of the dystopian Newland Trilogy: Repression Ground, Rebellion Ground and Redemption Ground.

Liz was the poet in residence for Wellington in Shropshire for 2022/23. For other writers, she offers a freelance service proofreading, formatting and designing book covers and interiors for paperbacks and e-books, edits videos, designs and maintains websites, offers commercial copywriting and produces designs for social media.

Liz likes to spend her days clad in vintage turquoise dresses trying not to eat chocolate, and is proud to be a grammar pedant.

She has also written three non-fiction books for the Christian/spirituality market as Liz Carter: “Catching Contentment”, “Treasure in Dark Places” and “Valuable”.

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